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Zip Line ** NEW ACTIVITY **

Try out our latest activity. Fly across the valley on our huge new 110m Zip Line!

High Ropes Course ** NEW ACTIVITY **

The brand new course includes 6 elements high above the ground. Test you balance, coordination and skill as you make your way through the trees

Leap of Faith

Climb up a tree to a height of 11metres and then leap for a trapeze bar hanging out from the edge. This activity takes courage and trust in the equipment, ropes and each other

Crate Stacking

Test your skills by stacking milk crates on top of each other whilst climbing up the side of the stack at the same time! This activity may require some forward thinking

Rock Climbing Wall

Test your climbing skills on our 7m mobile artificial wall


Using pioneering skills, teams are required to construct ballista's out of rope and poles. They can then engage in a ‘battle’ against the other team firing water bombs

Rogaine Course

An Orienteering course set over a 1km x 1km area. Use your map to find to find the hidden codewords and report them back in on the two-way radios. A great activity for groups who want to get out into the bush


Taking a look at the surrounding plants and what can be used as bush tucker as we take a walk in Lane Cove National Park

Damper Cooking

Learn all the skills on how to make a traditional damper over an open fire. This is a fantastic activity for students of all ages

Low Ropes

Group initiative activities including the spiders web, triangle traverse and mowhawk walk.

Battlefun Laser Skirmish

Through our partnership with Battlefun we can organise fun, safe, live combat sporting adventure in the form of laser skirmish here on site. A fantastic non contact sport utilising the site's many playing areas. More details can be found at



Dance the night away with our onsite DJ. We will provide Disco lights, Lasers, smoke machines, dance games and plenty of music from every era to make your evening an unforgettable experience!

Wide Game 

Make use of our unique site at night. We will tailor an outdoor night game to suit your groups needs. Everything from Spotto to Capture the Flag!

Trivia Night 

Challenge your mind with a night of Trivia with a twist! Split into teams and not only answer trivia questions but also participate in spot activities along the way! This is a great activity that allows everyone the chance to participate.

Camp Fire 

Our amphitheatre seats up to 250, built from stone around the large fire pit. This will not be an ordinary campfire! Our talented staff will get you singing songs, telling stories, joining in on competitions, roasting marshmallows and even cooking damper for supper in an unforgettable nights entertainment. We will even build the fire for you!

Offsite Activities

We can also organise for you many other activities including: City Visits, Adventure Day at Cataract Scout Park and Flights in a Scout Plane at the Scout Air Base at Camden just to name a few!


Please Contact Us for activitiy prices